BAG RAID: What’s in my bag?

 I love seeing other girls “what’s in my bag” posts, So for this post i thought i’d share the items I always make sure to have with me in my bag. (since my bag is still clean because it’s still summer lol) 

So let’s start with the bag, this is my go-to one at the moment, and I’ve been carrying this with me for the past three weeks. My mom bought me this when we came across the bags section at the department store (shoutout to my mom for treating her spoiled brat kiddo). This bag is the perfect size for when you go out on weekends, since it fits all my things, and it also matches my outfits.

The Contents:

19723976_1174779445960807_1808567658_o (1)

  1. Wallet- I don’t usually carry big leather wallets because they eat all the space inside my bag, but since our school year doesn’t start till August, I can carry bigger amount of money and cards that I don’t usually use.
  2. Cellphone– I don’t have to explain because we all need our phones but yes I have it with me all the time (and you do, too.)
  3. Real Techniques Powder Brush- I use this whenever I retouch so wouldn’t look oily for the rest of the day (I got mine online)
  4. Earphones- because it’s more convenient to bring them than using my big black headphones and I always use them at school (so I wouldn’t look as lonely lol)
  5. Lip Balm- I keep this with me since my lips get chapped easily. I got this from watsons for P109 in PEACH
  6. Maybelline White SuperFresh Powder Foundation- It is a powder foundation from Maybelline, especially for those with oily skin. It provides full mattifying coverage and UV Protection with SPF34, /PA+++ keeps you 12 hours fresh, fair, and matte. No touchups needed! P299, SM Department Store. My Shade: HONEY  get yours at
  7. Sunglasses- I got my glasses last May as a gift from my mom. I always bring this with me whenever I go out to protect my eyes from the sun. I don’t know why, but my glasses makes me stand straight hahaha maybe because it makes me feel bad and boujee lol
  8. Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Scent Spray– It has a very citrus-y scent (which I love) and I carry it with me because whenever I smell good, my confidence is at its highest. You can also get it at



Aside from the powder brush, lip balm, and Powder foundation, I also have:

  • Alcohol- to keep my hands clean all day so I wont have red marks all over my face and body whenever I touch my skin with dirty hands
  • Everbilena Lip Tint- I have been seeing this but kept on ignoring it because I thought it will not give good results, but my classmates used to have one on their backpacks at school so i decided to get one myself. I have pale lips and my mom said I look like a sick person so I have this with me wherever I go.
  • Comb- Because I have straight hair, and I always comb it. Hair tip: If you want straight hair, throw out your brushes. Hair brushes will damage your hair.
  • Small Baby powder- I use this sometimes instead of the powder foundation because it feels 2x lighter
  • Hair ties- (I forgot to include it in the photo) I tie my hair to get my hair off my face + It feels more comfortable when you do something with your hair tied

So that’s a wrap! Thanks for reading this post ♥


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